Live Stream: Live Streaming and E-commerce — Spectacular success!

Explore live video as a media format and come up with a mobile portrait experience that does live streaming for e-commerce.”

Live streaming is a beneficial medium which provides transparency. Consumers can see what products actually look like, rather than just generic photoshopped photos the seller found online (which is an extremely common practice).

Live streaming adds a human element to marketing, which can help brands build trust and better relationships with their customers. The informal approach feels more personal because it allows you to interact with your audience in real-time. For e-commerce companies that exist only in the online world, creating a human connection to your target audience is essential.

Several years back, Live streaming became an integral part of the users consume digital content. It’s everywhere. From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to sports matches and fashion shows, to now even e-commerce platforms. Streaming is no longer intertwined with elementary brand promotions. Instead, it has become a full-fledged digital property on many e-commerce platforms, allowing customers to purchase items directly via a stream.

  1. Kohl’s – One of the first retail chains to unveil its live streaming feature was Kohl’s.There was no way to sell products directly…

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