RETURN TO RSRCE RErURIQ TO -~~~~~~~~~R E S T R I C T E D REPORTS DESK WITHIN CIRCULATING COPY R e po rt N o. WH-60a ONE WEET E N E DNJ TO ARCHIY DiSION This report was prepared for use within the Bank. In. making it available to others, the Bank assumes no responsibility to them for the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein. INTERNATIONAL BANK FOR RECONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT THE ECONOMY OF ARGENTINA August 30, 1957 Department of Operations Western Hemisphere CURRENCY EQUIVALENT Currency Unit – Peso (symbol m $n) Par Value US $1 a 18 Pesos Free Rate (floating) around US $1 . 40 Pesos TAELE OF CONTENTS Page No. Basic Data Summary and Conclusions i I. The Setting 1 Geography 1 Population 2 History 2 II. The Economy 4 General Characteristics 4 Foreign Trade 6 Financial Structure 7 Investment 9 Foreign Debt 11 Banking 12 Labor Relations 13 III. Current Position 14 General 14 Agriculture 14 Power 15 Petroleum 16 Transportation 18 Industry 19 The Balance of Payments 20 Inflation 22 IV. Prospects 24 Short-term Outlook 24 Longer-run Prospects 26 Annex – Banking and Currency Reforms 28 Statistical Tables 29-61 STATISTICAL TABLES Table…

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