Tim: I’ve got with me today Gregrian Vassell, who’s the founder of Spree. Tell us a little bit about Spree, and what exactly it is. I remember at Streaming Media West, several of the guys from Wowza had us do a live announcement for GoCoder, and you all were the winner of that.

Gregrian: Yes, I’m the co-founder and CTO of Spree, and as you mentioned Tim, we won the GoCoder Coding Challenge last time at Streaming Media East. Spree is a live shopping app that basically allow users to shop their style influencer’s look. The way it works is that we have a user, say Ashley. Ashley goes live from Venice Beach, and Ashley’s talking about what she’s wearing, talking about her experience at Venice Beach, and basically a couple hundred of her followers logged into the livestream and basically see what she’s wearing.

They are obsessed about her jean shorts that she’s wearing, and basically with a few tap of the finger along with Apple Pay, they can easily purchase that product. Once they purchase that product, say for example from Ashley, and Ashley gets the charge from Barneys, New York, Barneys basically send those…

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