Comércio ao Vivo: IPv6 Secure Multicast Conferencing | Proceedings of the 2006 International Conference on Hybrid Information Technology

This paper describes the implementation of a system to provide IPv6 secure multicast conferencing, to prove that it can be developed with existing technologies. In these IPv6 secure multicast conferencing systems, there is a set of conferencing clients that can send and receive audio/video data, and a GCKS (Group Controller Key Server) that can manage multicast group. The main problem in such a system is the management and distribution of the keying data including rekeying when a user leaves the multicast group. Standardization of structure and keying data exchange for secure multicast by IETF Multicast Security Working Group (MSEC). We propose a system that integrates different existing technologies into a Windows-based environment. Audio and video data are transmitted using RTP (Real Time Protocol) through multicast protocols. Also we evaluate performance of IPv6 secure multicast application and conclude adding security in application does not damage a real-time characteristic.

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