>Pictured here: The neo-communist dictators of Venezuela and Russia, Hugo Chavez and Vladimir Putin.

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Type of state: Socialist republic moving toward single-party dictatorship
Independence: July 5, 1811 (from Spain)
President of Venezuela: Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías (Revolutionary Bolivarian Movement-200, Fifth Republic Movement, United Socialist Party of Venezuela): February 2, 1999-April 11, 2002 (deposed in military coup), April 13, 2002-present
Political composition of national legislature: In the last election for the National Assembly of Venezuela, which occurred on December 4, 2005, the seats were held solely by pro-Chavez parties and distributed in the following manner: Fifth Republic Movement 116, For Social Democracy 18, Fatherland for All 10, Communist Party of Venezuela 7, LAGO 2, Venezuelan Popular Unity 1, People’s Electoral Movement 1, Everybody Wins Independent Movement 1, MIGENTE 2, United Movement of Indigenous Peoples 1, Independent Organized Front for Portuguesa 1, and Break Through 1. As of March 24, 2007 the following parties merged into the presidential United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

1) Fifth Republic Movement (MVR)
2) People’s Electoral Movement (MEP)
3) verybody Wins Independent Movement (MIGATO)
4) Venezuelan Popular Unity (UPV)
5) Revolutionary Middle Class (CMR)
6) Revolutionary Movement Tupamaro (MRT)

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