E-commerce doesn’t like to stand still for too long. It’s an industry based on disruption, and even though it’s become the norm, you can bet on consistently new and better ways of doing business online. Using live streaming to drive online sales could be one such way, especially at a time when both live streaming and e-commerce are expanding.

However, the wave of truly integrated streaming and shopping has yet to reach Europe, the U.S., or Australia. We’ve still not seen the same type of “live commerce” that is developing in China. Still, there are great ways to use live streaming in e-commerce right now.

What makes live streaming and e-commerce such a good fit?

E-commerce has been recording one good year after another. In the United States, for example, online retail has been exhibiting steady growth, surpassing the $500 billion watermark in 2018. The share of online sales within total sales has been increasing as well, reaching a 14.3% record last year.

You could attribute the reasons behind such success to a complex network of factors that include:

  • People are spending a lot of time online. An…

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