Table of Contents

  1. What is live streaming ecommerce?
  2. The impact of video on online sales
  1. Advantages of using video with ecommerce products
  • Ways of using video and streaming with ecommerce
    1. Tutorials
    2. Product launches
    3. Collaborations
    4. Webinars
    5. Brand videos

    What is live streaming ecommerce?

    It is a trend that is currently reaping great success in China – and soon we could be able to see live streaming ecommerce used by brands and sellers nearer to us.

    Do you remember the QVC shopping channel and how addictive it was to see demonstration after demonstration of incredible devices?

    The basis for live streaming ecommerce is the same: videos to demonstrate a product and broadcast live over a platform, social network, or website.

    The reason why this way of selling has become so popular is the COVID-19 crisis, the increase of online shopping, and the progressive need that users have to regain human contact. Live streaming ecommerce is a way to digitally replicate the shopping experience at a physical store, just as the population has had to get used to social contact via Zoom.

    Several social platforms, like Snapchat and TikTok, were already experimenting…

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