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Esther Norma Arrostito (Buenos Aires, January 17 1940 – January 15 1978) was an Argentine political activist and leftist militant, initially close to communist ideology. In 1970, she became one of the founders of the peronist revolutionary movement Montoneros along with Fernando Abal Medina, who developed a romantic relationship with her. She played a key role in the kidnapping and killing of General Pedro Eugenio Aramburu.


  • 1 Early years
  • 2 Militance
    • 2.1 Killing of Aramburu
    • 2.2 Amnesty
  • 3 Clandestinity and Death
  • 4 Biography
  • 5 Notes
  • 6 References

Early years

Arrostito was the daughter of a mid-class couple, and grew up in a leftist background, ideologically opposed to Peronism.[1] Norma graduated as elementary school teacher and married a communist militant, Rubén Ricardo Roitvan.[2] She later became a hard-line militant under the influence of a left-wing Peronist leader of Irish ancestry, John William Cooke.[3] Arrostito was the only founder of Montoneros with neither Catholic nor Nationalist affiliation.[1]


Killing of Aramburu

Norma Arrostito left the communist party on 1967, and joined the organization Comando Camilo…

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