Life Sciences

  1. A escola e os caminhos para a aquisição da saúde mental

    Pedro Wilson Ramos da Conceição, Izabel Cristina Monteiro da Silva, Érika Castelo Branco Said, Winthney Paula Souza Oliveira, Izabel Cristina Vale de Carvalho, Avelino Ribeiro de Castro, Francisca Tatiana Dourado Gonçalves, Lucas Costa Ferreira, Edilene P

    Studies have shown the participation of minerals, such as selenium, involved in the antioxidant defense of patients with chronic kidney disease. Therefore, the purpose of this review is to provide data on nutrient participation in the control of the antioxidant defense system in individual’s…

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  2. Development and sensory evaluation of extra jelly, light and diet of cerradocashew with pepper addition

    Catiara Fernandes Pereira, Maykon Jhuly Martins de Paiva, Eduardo Sousa dos Anjos, Raimundo Ferreira Costa and Caroline Roberta Freitas Pires

    Throughout Brazil and also in the world, fruit growing remains one of the activities that stand out most in the following: economic and social aspects. Cashew is a fruit that has great representation in the food industry, however, only its chestnut has been well explored. The jams are a…

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  3. The role of selenium in the protection against…

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