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Hi! I’m implementing a file system based on fuse and i have a big problem. I’ve implemented a few fuse callback functions (like getattr, readdir, mkdir and create), and after i use my filesystem for a while (creating directorys and files and listing directorys) my kernel gives me a seg fault. The interesting thing is that the seg fault comes after my function returns. I’m executing it with ‘-f’ and ‘-odebug’, and i’ve placed printf at the start and the end of all functions. All the times that i’ve tested, the seg fault isn’t between them. Can somebody help me? — Pedro Eugênio Rocha Linux user #473848 C3SL – Centro de Computação Científica e Software Livre UFPR – Ciência da Computação
Hello, all. Is there something like mount(2) for FUSE? I’d like to mount a FUSE-based filesystem from an application but I don’t want to use execl or popen for that. — With best regards, Alexey
Hi all We’re seeing a strange behaviour with FUSE – when one thread is blocking, all other threads seem to end up blocking…

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